My End of the Year Pennant Project

My students finished the End of Course six weeks before the end of the school year. That gave me plenty of time for some fun projects to review what we had learned. I was SO excited to come across these Algebra Pennants.

First, students visited my "Math Problem Buffet" where they picked up one from each of the 10 stacks of problems. One students said, "So this is what Thanksgiving dinner would be like at your house?" LOL

I gave them a basic rubric for each pennant:  5 points = You showed all your work and decorated nicely; 3 points = You showed some work and have an OK presentation; 1 point = you showed no work and your pennants are a disaster poor presentation. The project took students who stayed on task and used time wisely about 2 90-minute periods ...and the knuckleheads took up until the final bell on the last day of school. 

I was impressed with how much love and time my students spent on this project. Not only did it allow them to review (again) the highlights from the school year, but it kept them engaged in math, which is important to me even in June. (And was important to my principal when she came in with a visiting administrator for a visit in the second to last week of school -don't worry, she warned me first)

I checked their work as they went. There are so many different problems for each pennant that it was more difficult for them to find someone to copy than actually figure out how to work out the problem. I saw lots of students helping one another (which I always encourage) and it made me so proud to see students take so much pride in their work. When they finished the problems and created a title pennant with their name, they got to hang it in the room. My walls were covered by the last day of school, and I waited until the last day to take them down because I loved being surrounded by these beautiful representations of what we had accomplished this school year. 

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