Geometry Proof Crossword Puzzles

When I was a freshman in Honors Geometry class, the idea of writing a proof terrified me. I would never knew which theorems or postulates to use or how to order them (and I was a good math student).
I know my students need some scaffolding when it comes to proof writing and some fun too. I love to use fill-in-the-blank proofs because it helps them to see the structure of a proof. They still have to understand what is going on to fill it in, but they don't have to completely create the whole thing on their own.
In 2006, I backpacked through Europe with my friend, Bri. We crossword puzzled and Sudoku-ed our way through the railways of Europe - so crossword puzzles hold a place near and dear to my heart.

That's me doing a crossword puzzle on the train to Venice.
So I decided to combine the outline for a Geometry proof with my beloved Crossword Puzzle, and the Geometry Proof Crossword Puzzle was born. Students fill in the proof, completing both statements and reasons, and then fill their answers into the crossword puzzle. Each puzzle has two proofs - one for across and one for down clues. I love how the activity builds in an opportunity for students to check their work - they can easily spot a mistake if their answer doesn't fit or if the letters don't match up. This also provides them with some hints if they get stuck because they may have a letter or two for the word they are trying to fill in.

I've made my Angle Relationships Crossword Puzzle free so that you can try it out with your students.

Good news for when they love it - I've made 11 of these crossword puzzles. Topics Included: Algebraic Proofs, Segment Addition, Angle and Parallel Lines, Proving Lines Parallel, Proving Triangle Congruence, CPCTC, Quadrilaterals and Triangle Similarity. But let's face it - you and your students are going to have so much fun with these you might as well buy the bundle ;) #GottaCatchEmAll

I've also included directions for printing these to fit in interactive notebooks. I love having some student samples in their INB that they can refer back to throughout the school year.

 I hope you and your students have fun with these! Feel free to come back and let me know how it goes!

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