Graphing Lines Coloring Activity #mathdollardeals

Summer is such a great time for reflecting on how to improve for the upcoming school year. I have been working on some new activities that my students love with concepts I think need more practice. My high school students love an excuse to get out the highlighters, markers, or even crayons to add a little color to their practicing. I created this coloring activity for students to practice matching equations of lines to their graphs - and it's on sale today for only $1 as part of Secondary Math Dollar Deals! The picture at the top has 12 equations in a mixture of slope-intercept, standard, and point-slope forms. Students then look at the graph and determine which equation it matches. They assign each group of graphs a color and then color the corresponding equations. They coloring is simple enough to provide a brain break (and an opportunity to self-check as they go), but not so time consuming that it takes away from the math. 

I'm teaming up with some awesome other TPT sellers to bring you $1 products every Tuesday all summer. It's a great chance to stock up for next year! 

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