Function Notation Drag and Drop/ Open Middle

The state of Florida decided to up its assessment game two years ago - no longer are there many multiple choice questions on the EOC. One of the most challenging question types for students is drag and drop. (Every time I say this phrase someone asked me if I said "dragon drop," hence the silly graphic). This week Sarah Cater blogged about "Open Middle" questions, which are the same idea as these drag and drop questions. Math = Love: Evaluating Functions Puzzles - Open Middle Style

Here is a question I tried out with the kids this year.

My problem is easier than the one she created because I added the equal sign to narrow down their choices a bit, but I would love to scaffold to the more challenging problem she created. I have one-to one-laptops in my classroom, so we practiced on the computer on the Web site Nearpod. If you have technology available, you should absolutely try this Web site. I created this slide with the "fill in the blank" option. I love that students get practice manipulating the problem on the computer, just like the EOC. They also receive immediate feedback when they finish and I receive a report letting me know their score. You can see the question like my students did by navigating to the Web site and entering the PIN SMUBZ. This was a great test of students' perseverance and problem solving techniques - a lot of students thought it looked impossible at first but by the end they figured it out. 

If you don't have access to computers, try the paper version. I am attaching two versions one with the equal signs and one without (for more of a challenge). 

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