Show Your Thinking - and Every Step

This year I tried to focus on making math make sense. My students still struggle with integer rules and it really showed when we were multiplying polynomials. I loved the box method for both multiplying and factoring, and using the same technique for both reinforced the ways the two operations are connected. I like the organization of multiplying with the box because it insures each term is multiplied by each term, without anyone being left out. When it came to combining like terms, some students struggled with the integer operations. I resorted to my middle school tool box and pulled out the idea of zero pairs. This helped students have a concrete method to use while they formulated their own algorithms. 

Writing with dry erase markers on the desk somehow always gets students to show more work. They are much more willing to take risks in this medium than with pencil and paper, plus it's different than all their other classes. Anything to keep them engaged 👍🏻

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