A circle banner - and Einstein's new look

"I think Einstein probably wore a chain," my student said as she proudly decorated her circle banner. I love the creativity!

My students had a great time with this activity.

I used it as kinda an exit ticket for our lesson on circles, with each student getting a different problem. It was easy to differentiate with the variety of complexity of the problems. Some students solved for circumference given radius of diameter and some found the circumference given the area. Several got very excited to decorate their banner piece, then we voted on a winner, and everyone hung it on the class banner.

I am so excited to try out the Algebra ones as an end of the year review project. I can't believe we still have four weeks of school left 😜 

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  1. OMG, this is awesome! I LOVE Einstein with his chain! THANK YOU for sharing these!


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