I am loving my new VersaTiles. They are truly as versatile as the name would suggest. I create a worksheet with 12 questions and an answer bank (I have made lessons on scientific notation, slope, reading graphs, angle relationships). Students use the tiles to match the problem number to their answer. For example the answer to Problem #9 is A so they move tile 9 to slot A. They are able to self correct when they get an answer that isn't on the sheet or when they get the same answer for two problems. At the end, they close the case and flip it over and reveal the picture. Again, they can easily self correct if their case does not make the correct pattern. These cases are well worth $13 and with the Versatiles answer sheet, you can create your own worksheets on any subject. I am currently using them for centers, and students are working individually, but they could easily be used in pairs or with group work.


Here is the link to the page to purchase them and the answer template.

Here is my Slope Versatiles Activity.

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  1. GREat activity! The link to your slope versatiles activity does not work.


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