Scatter plots sort

Today I tried this fun sorting activity for scatter plots: (PDF available for free)

When students have a graph to look at, they can easily see the correlation, but it's difficult when they only have the scenarios. We did a few examples together first and I helped them with the language. We talked about temperature vs sales of hot chocolate, ice cream, and ID badges (negative, positive, and no relationship). I made sure to model for them how to talk through these problems. There was some discussion about a few of them- the skaterboarders had a lot to say about the skating one. One student argued the jacket one was no relationship because students at our school wear jackets regardless of the weather to cover their uniforms. I love when students challenge answers and justify their ideas with reasoning - My students always amaze me!
Here is one students' ideas.

Then students used their phones to take pictures of their answers so they could easily compare them to their peers.

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