Math-y Door Decor

Last week is annual "Jacksonville Goes to College Week," so our guidance counselors challenged us to a door decorating contest. I typically write those off as, "Ain't nobody got time for that," but I had such luck with my Christmas Door Decorations that I wanted to give it a try. Just like when I did my Christmas door, I also did not want to lose any instruction time. Scaffolded Math and Science had the perfect solution for me - a Slope Tree, which fit right into our Linear Functions unit.

I gave each student a leaf and they found the slope between two points and then decorated it. It was a nice exit ticket for our class on slope. We put them all together to make a tree.

The idea for my "pun-ny" sign actually came a student who said, "If this is an exit ticket, can we 'leaf' when we finish it." I took that and said, "We are ready for college when we 'leaf' ACHS." Then one of my students added some color to it when she finished a test early.

I think it turned out great - a perfect fall decoration! And best of all - no instructional time was lost in the making of this awesome math-y door decor!
P.S. If you are looking for those awesome Welcome sign letters, they are from Math=Love here 

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