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When I was little I would love to play school in my basement. I would decorate the wall, write on the board, and play with my school supplies - and that is exactly what pre-planning always feels like - playing school. [Of course when I played school in my basement, I never had to sit through a two-and-a-half-hour faculty meeting ;)] After a week of pre-planning I finally feel a little organized and definitely excited to start a new school year. This will be my 9th year teaching, but I am still a little nervous, anxious, and excited about meeting the students Monday. I wonder if that ever goes away!

First the "before" pictures - classroom disaster! That is the contents falling out of my storage cabinet from when they moved it to wash the floors under it. And the entire contents of all the bookshelves in the room was piled on my desk. I definitely had some work to do.

I am grouping my desks in threes this year. Last year I started with pairs and moved to groups of 4, but someone always complained about having to sit with their back to the board, so I think groups of 3 will fix this problem. I would have two groups join to make a foursome for group work last year, but this year, we will eliminate that by always being in a group of 3. I think this will provide for great interaction. 

I love the number line across the top of my board - students reference it all the time!
 I also love writing the date as a math problem, and reciting that math problem when someone asks me the date. Students usually get excited to help me change this every day.

 I have these dry erase board (actually showerboard from the hardware store) in two spots in my room to have students work out problems. Sometime students are more willing to take risks when they don't have to be "in front" of the class. These are on the side walls. Also featured - my laptop cart. I am super excited to try these digital activities this year!

I mostly like to start the year with bare walls and let my students decorate it with their work. Research from books and my years in the classroom tell me they are much more likely to look at it if they created it. I do like to have a few anchor charts around the room though, and I find that if I make a point of referring to them in instruction and answering questions, then my students start to as well. I LOVE this Algebra 1 Word Wall from Scaffolded Math and Science. It has prime real estate right between my windows this hopes that students learn everything on here about linear functions.

The 8 standards for mathematical practice. It's a freebie I picked up here. I love that they are written in student friendly "I Can" statements, and I can easily reference them as well, like "Make sure you attend to precision."

So wise Yoda is. Thanks Target Dollar Spot!

I LOVE this "Math-y" Welcome sign that Sarah from Math=Love shared.

 My pencil cup with some worn down pencils. This is where I keep the freebies and then when it gets low I offer free upgrades to refill it. You can read more about that here!
 My student station for INB supplies. I also keep extra copies of any handouts on that back table for anyone tardy - they know to check there if they come in late.
 These boxes are so organized - hopefully they stay that way once the students get their hands on them!

 I LOVE this hack I found on Pinterest to keep my cords organized. The binder clip hooks on the side of my desk and my projector cord is attached so I can easily connect it to my doc cam or laptop.
Ready or not - the kiddos come in tomorrow! If nothing else, at least my room looks nice ;)

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