Coloring in High School

I love to have self-checking activities in my classroom. Although students can easily check their work when solving equations, few of them do. I find that if I offer an answer bank they will take more time attending to precision in their work. With this activity, I combined my love of answer banks and coloring into a fun activity. My students needed to practice solving equations with variables on both sides and using their prior knowledge of distributive property and combining like terms, but I needed something more fun than a traditional worksheet to hold their attention. So I created a coloring answer bank.
High schoolers are really just big kids so they loved this activity. I loved hearing them say, well I got 15, but that's not an answer choice, so I much have made a mistake. I also gave them the hint that no adjacent shapes would be the same color, so they had another opportunity for self-checking. Check out this activity in my TpT store for $2.

The other activity I use each year and love is the Solving Equations flower - perfect for the easier two-step equations.

Check out this activity in my TpT store for $2. 

Happy coloring!

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