Solving Equations Mnemonic Device

This phone was a great addition to our interactive notebooks and helped students remember the steps for solving equations. When you pass them out, be prepared for students to put them to their ear and actually try to make a call - oh teenagers! 

I have included two versions, the simple one shown above and one that gives the details of each step. I love sending students back to this page when they need a reminder later in the school year or when we do multi-step inequalities.  

We glued the phone all the way to the side of the page in their interactive notebook and did some multi-step equations right next to it. 
Here are some more ideas and activities for solving equations.


  1. I love this! I'm going to give it to my kids on Monday!

  2. Do you have an email that I can ask you certain questions? I love this phone.

    1. Hey Connie - my email is mathdyal at
      I'm glad you like the phone!

  3. Good idea. Would take a while for some of my SPED students to learn the mnemonic, but once learned would be useful.

  4. I'm trying to find a good one that incorporates fractions. Sometimes they need to be eliminated first.


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